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Analysis of Marketing Approaches Perform By Various Pharmaceutic Corporations |

Pooja Sharma, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The Indian pharmaceutical industry's biggest challengelies in reinventing communication. It has become extremely crucial todifferentiate in the pharmaceutical market place through your communication.Pharmaceutical companies have to primarily depend on personal selling topromote (communicate) their medicines in the market as the target audience andcustomers are different, who are not the end users but merely influencers. These influencers are medical practitioners referred toas 'doctors' or 'physicians' by general public. Medicine provide relief to thepatients and so some time calling it as a product may be wrong, however inmarketing term it is a product offered by the pharmaceutical company to thedoctors. and pharmaceutical companies put lots of effort in marketing of theirproducts through medical representative. Its very important to understand theattributes of a product which a customer is looking for. This will be helpfulto the pharmaceutical companies for making more focused marketing strategies.This paper is intended to give insight on the same. The current shift in the marketing strategy is work bymultinational pharmaceutical Companies .It is now high-end (rather thanadaptive) development that is being carried out by leading companies. And,increasingly, other companies are finding themselves competing against, orworking with, new innovation-based companies. My study focuses on the processesand outcomes of globally distributed pharmaceutical companies. This articlewill present the changing marketing strategies when a pharma company shiftsfrom acute base to Chronic therapy base. This research paper will also give an insight about shiftin supply chain process and customer and end-customer perception which is thebase of formulation of different marketing strategies.