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Needs of Information Pgts For Exploring Academics Data a Case Study of Gurgaon |

Surender Kumar, Dr. K. C. Dabas, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The purpose of thisstudy is to find out the need of information of school PGT’s. Information is animportant source to find out things and the appropriate meaning of anything.For this information skills are very helpful to everybody to collect theappropriate information. Information need is the first important step taken inorder to achieve the school teacher’s academic goals. Although, wide source ofliterature on information is available to obtain information, but in today’sscenario Information Technology had developed rapidly and has a huge impact onaccess to information. Information need is a very broad term to find out anindividual’s distinct way of their information need. This study has examinedthe criteria of information seeking need of Sr. Secondary School PGT’s inGurgaon district (Haryana). In this study an attempt has been made to examinethe information need of CBSE and HBSE board school.