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Medico-Ethno Botanical Studies of Wild Plant Species from the Flora of District Bhiwani (Hr) |

Ved Parkash, Dr. Jagvinder Sangwan, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Areas of district Bhiwani are dominated by arid andsemiarid lands with rich flora of wild plants including herbs, shrubs andtrees. The inhabitants of this area have close relationship with wild plantspecies of their surroundings. In the present research work 13 wild plantspecies belonging to 13 families have been identified as most commonly usedplants for medicinal properties and other day to day activities. Some of theseplants are source of food, some are used to cure general ailments while othersare used in day to day life activities like fuel wood, agriculture tools etc.In the present study questions were asked from the local inhabitants about theways of preventing and controlling the general health problems like cough,fever, digestive disorders, sexual problems etc. Majority of the people dependson the allopathic medicines but not in totality. Elder people in general usethese plants and have more faith on local herbs than on allopathic medicines.Experimentations and clinical trials are required to exploit the hiddenpotential of easily available cost effective wild herbs.