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A Study on Rna Interference For Generation of Transgenic Black Gram Plants |

Pratibha Pundir, Dr. Arun Vats, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Black gram is native to India (Vavilov, 1926). Theprogenitor of black gram is believed to be Vigna mungo var.Silvestre’s, which grows wild in India (Lukoki et al., 1980). There is a mention of black gram in Vedic textssuch as Kautilya’s “Arthashasthra” and “Charak Samhita”. The ancient Sanskritname of black gram was masha.Even today in Punjab, black gram is called mash and in West Bengal, it is called mash kalaya. In all other Indian languages, the name urd is used, which seems to haveoriginated from the Tamil word ulundu.Vigna mungo is the Latin nameof black gram (Nene, 2006).