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“Analysis on Customers’ Satisfaction --Amul- Ghee” |

Dharampal Singh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Aperson's likes and dislikes  changes fromtime to time or, says it is very unstable .Anyone having a need and is willingand able to sacrifice money is called consumer. By ignoring the preferences ofthe consumer the business community cannot possibly fulfill its obligations ina responsible manner. The effect of various external and internal factors on aconsumer can be understood by different psychological theories. Externalfactors include social habitat, correspondence and friend circle etc. Internalfactors comprise in a consumer psyche and others like lifestyle, trends,personality, motivation etc. have a considerable on the response of theconsumer. This research is something about that explains how a buying processbegins and the end result of buying decision. With the help of this study therelation of consumer behavior with the product, price, promotion etc isrevealed.