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A Study on Ground Water Responses to Recharge Through Rain Water Harvesting |

Kanwar Singh Khera, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The most valuable natural resource is water, but fewpeople are aware of the limited freshwater availability, supply and importanceespecially in developing countries like India as well as countries endowed withlesser quantum of it. Ground water is critical to India’s water, food andlivelihood security and supports more than 55% of our irrigation requirements,85% of domestic requirements in rural areas and over 50% of requirements inurban and industrial uses. Rain water harvesting is the collection of rain waterfrom surfaces such as roofs in urban areas; the storage of rain water and thedistribution of rain water for indoor or outdoor use. Rain water if storedconveniently will be an economical, safe and a sustainable source of water.However, in urban environments, the storage or the direct use of the waterwould be difficult mainly because of the constraints in storage andmaintenance.