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Comparative Analysis of Personality Factors Among Different Blood Groups |

Dr. Rajender Singh, Mr. Rohtash Kumar, Miss. Joshika, Miss. Avishesh Kumar Singh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The wonderful existence of this universe is nature, whichis made by both Biotic and Abiotic elements. The main difference between theseis that a life can move. Though the Abiotics can’t move but these can controlthe universe. The living organisms express its power of mobility in variousforms like food seeking activities, survival schedules, recreational skills etc.All the ‘behavior’ are directed and controlled by the demand mental status ofthe individual life. The best example may be supplemented as whenever the tigerattacks an attacker the hare then runs away to defend it. So all the animals ofevery species have certain variation as far as their behaviours are concerned.Even it is found that the member of the same species reacts differently in thesame situation. As a dog when attacks a trespasser another doesn’t bother forit. The king species of an animal kingdom- human being is also under thisvariation.