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To Estimate the Processing Cost of Tonned Milk In Rohtak and Jind Milk Plant |

Dr. Manurita, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The state of Haryana, one of the major milk producingstate in India was chosen to ass’s possible development in the Indian dairysector. India has vast resource of livestock which play an important role inthe national economy and in the socio-economic Development of millions of ruralareas., in order to meet the objectives, the milk plants have got  the efficiency in the volume of raw milkpurchased, processing of collected milk for its conversion into various milkproducts in demand and packaging, storage, distribution and proper marketing ofthe milk and its products. The whole process of efficiency of a milk plantessentially boils down to controlling of the cost of all the individual operationscarried out by the plant. The cost effectiveness of all the operations is boundto the effect on the overall efficiency of the plant. Analysis of the cost ofvarious operations in the plant is thus a major determinant of the resource usefor the efficiency of the enterprise.