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An Empirical Analysis on Effect of Credit Policy of Rbi on Bankex Stocks |

Manmeet Kaur, Ramesh Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The capital market is areal some piece of Indian economy. In that capacity whatever the national andglobal occasions (common and man acts) happened that they had an effectstraightforwardly on the Indian economy and in a roundabout way on the capitalmarkets of individual nations. The most recent occasions like, Rbis creditpolicy rates on 26th July 2011 and S&p's evaluations on eighth August, 2011on USgovernment tenability are the real occasions which were influenced the Indiancapital market antagonistically. In this crossroads, an endeavor is made tosurvey the banking sector's price patterns i.e. which bank stock prices gottremendously influenced and which are minimum influenced. This study will beconvenient to know the significances of the occasions on stock prices and tosettle on smart and sound speculation choices.