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“A Comparative Evaluation on Marketing Functionality of Nokia and Other Mobile System” |

Sridhar P, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Nokia’s market share in the European smartphone markethas shown a huge decline in the past couple of years. The problem began withthe introduction of the Iphone in 2007, which set a new trend in the market. Inorder to return to the market leadership position, Nokia entered intopartnership with Microsoft. Threatened by the rapid lost of market share torivals, Nokia created series of Smartphones. Nokia bet on these products toregain its lost market share. However two years after the partnership, thecompany has not achieved its goal. This research looks at the marketing strategy that Nokiahas chosen to implement for some of the Nokia devices. The approach seemsreasonable due to the fast decline of market share for Nokia and the need oftaking quick actions to reverse the situation. The analysis finds some evidencethat the present situation of the company may be affected by wrong strategyimplementation. The research begins by understanding the goals of thecompany in the smartphone market. From this analysis it becomes clear that oneof the main objectives for Nokia is to regain its lost market share, and returnto the leadership position in the Smartphone market. The company mainly countson the partnership with Microsoft, and on its Lumia smartphones to achieve thisgoal. The analysis moves on to exploring the external and internal environmentof the company. Nokia has its main strength in its brand and loyal customers,and it has opportunities in creating innovative ecosystem with Microsoft. Thecompany main threat comes from the existing rivals in the industry.