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A Research Concerning Marketing Linked to Indian Oil’S Dedication Plan As Well As Client Relative Operations |

Mohd. Javed Khan, Dr. B. B. Mansoori, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


Customer Relationship Management is directly related tosatisfaction of customers’ needs. CRM takes care of expectations of thecustomers and about what and how a product is presented to the customer. CRM isthe system that integrates management of customer groups, establishment andmanagement of marketing companies referring to marketing concept, especiallyrelationship marketing. Making a practical definition, CRM is “The ability ofan organization to effectively identify, acquire, foster and retain loyalprofitable customers.” Coming to the objective, the main objective of thisstudy is to realize the importance of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) inthe present scenario of globalization and internationalization. Rationale isviable reasonable approach which is based on natural values related tobetterment of humanity. No doubt recent practices have changed but therationale approach demands honest dealings and proper CRM and supply of propermaterial which are in the interest of the customers as well as proving theintegrity of the manufacturers and suppliers. Research Methodology used toconduct this study includes questionnaires, telephonic interactions andpersonal interviews of marketing professionals. CRM is an effective tool forsatisfying the needs of external as well as internal customers leading tocustomer loyalty. No doubt, originality is related to every individualindependently, but mostly it depends upon the values that hold age oldthoughtfulness in the best interest of humanity. We express it in differentways which become a part of our originality. The purpose of this research is study of CustomerRelationship Management process in Customer Retention. We describe theobjectives of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in Customer Retentionwhich is very important for the survival oil companies in today competitiveenvironment. Today. "CUSTOMERS" are very important factors incompanies management with the power to change their short-term and long-termpolices and strategies. Therefore enough knowledge of environment, expectationsof customers and their desires are very important to find the best solution forfacing un-expected behaviors of customers and then behave in such a way tochange the mind of customers in the direction of companies' profit. It's an artto absorb customers by using different techniques such as CRM in order tomanipulate companies' policies a head of them.