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“A Study on Robust Architecture In Cloud Computing” |

Madhuri, Dr. C. Ram Singla, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The command over cloud computing infrastructure isincreasing with the growing demands of IT infrastructure during the changedbusiness scenario of the 21st Century. The various constraints and limitationssuch as server capacity, storage, bandwidth and power, pose real-timechallenges on datacenters. The expansion of conventional infrastructure as perthe growing demand faces a real time constraint primarily to many inconvenienceand inflexibilities. These complexities drive towards various issues likecosting, deployment threats and various risk pertaining to the operation.Organizations based or operations on large scale IT infrastructure have to facethese challenges accompanying in near future. Henceforth, for costeffectiveness and economy solutions, there is an enormous migration towards thecloud infrastructure. Therefore, the public cloud service providers need toevolve and develop their infrastructure to meet the challenges of theincreasing demand in the IT dependent society.