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The Compretive Analysis on Various Strategies and Development of Ultrasonic Transducers |

Lokesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


We have composed, created, and described two-dimensional16x16-component capacitive micro machined ultrasonic transducer (CMUT)exhibits. The CMUT cluster elements have a 250-μm pitch, and when tried indrenching, have a 5-Mhz focus recurrence and 99% fragmentary bandwidth. Thecreation procedure is dependent upon standard silicon micromachining systemsand consequently has the focal points of high yield, ease, and simplicity ofreconciliation. The transducers have a Si3n4 film and are created on a 400-μmthick silicon substrate. A low parasitic capacitance through-wafer by means ofinterfaces every CMUT component to a flip-chip bond cushion on the rear of thewafer. Each through-wafer by means of is 20 μm in measurement and 400 μmprofound. The interconnects structure metal-encasing semiconductor (MIS)intersections with the encompassing high-resistivity silicon substrate tosecure disengagement and to lessen parasitic capacitance. Each through-wafer by means of has under 0.06 pf ofparasitic capacitance. We have researched an Au-In flip-chip holdingmethodology to unite the 2d CMUT exhibit to a specially coordinated circuit(IC) with transmit and accept electronics. To create this methodology, wecreated fan out structures on silicon, and flip-chip fortified these test kicksthe bucket to a level surface covered with gold. The normal arrangement safetyfor every knock is about 3 Ohms, and 100% yield is gotten for what added up to30 knocks. Capacitive micro machined ultrasonic transducers (Cmuts),presented around a decade back, have been indicated to be a great elective tocustomary piezoelectric transducers in different angles, for example,affectability, transduction proficiency, and bandwidth. In this paper, we talkabout the standards of capacitive transducer operation that underlie theseangles. A hefty portion of the key characteristics of capacitive ultrasonictransducers are empowered with micromachining innovation. Micromachiningpermits us to scale down unit extents and produce capacitive transducers thatperform similarly to their piezoelectric partners. The creation procedure isdepicted quickly, furthermore the execution of the CMUT transducers is assessedby exhibiting characterization results. It is indicated that the transductionproficiency as characterized by the electromechanical coupling coefficientcould be near solidarity with fitting apparatus plan and working voltage. It is likewise demonstrated that Cmuts give substantialbandwidth (123% partial bandwidth)! in drenching requisitions which make ashigh transient and pivotal determination. At last, the possibility of utilizingCmuts is exhibited by indicating imaging cases in air and in drench.