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Marketing Practices In Export Units of Handloom Industry of Haryana |

Poonam Madan, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The present study is concerned with Marketing Strategies of Readymadegarments industries in India. The marketing practices of garments units,problems faced by them in implementing the marketing strategies and measuresneeded to solve these problems, come under the purview of this study. The mainfocus is on the marketing strategies used by the various sectors in the area ofproduction, promotion, distribution and pricing. In a layman language the term strategy is a term related to ‘warfareor a plan to win a war’. But in the business world it refers to plans relatingto marketing, financing and manufacturing operations. Executives of differentbusiness organizations concentrate their efforts to win the biggest possibleshare of the targeted market. The field of strategy planning is much wider. It deals with theadjustment of controllable factors, viz, production, physical distribution,promotion and pricing within the environment of uncontrollable factors, viz,competition, legal barriers, interference of different behaviors and scientificand technological differentiation. This paper is a study to find out the marketing problems and prospectsof the handlooms and handicrafts industry in B.T.A.D area. The sample size ofthe study comprised of 200 respondents who are the producers and retailers ofthe handloom and handicrafts products. The findings of the study show the differentmarketing problems faced by the producers and retailers in the area. In these efforts, we have been supported by weavers, traders,retailers, customers of handlooms, Experts and cooperative society electedpersonnel as well as officials of government in getting required information.The Handloom sector plays a very important role in the country’s economy. It isone of the largest economic activity providing direct employment to over 70lakhs persons engaged in weaving and allied activities. Due to effective government intervention through financial assistanceand implementation of various development and welfare schemes, this sector hasbeen able to with stand competition from the power loom and mill sectors.Handloom Industry is the symbol of self reliance and generating employment formillions of small weavers. Panipat is located 90 K.M. away from New Delhi inNorth having big population. Panipat is also called the city of weavers.Panipat is one of the developing city of Haryana. The economy of city is based on several industrial agriculture,tourism and handloom etc. Many Central and State Government Industrial unitshave been established here. Panipat is famous for “PANJA DURRIE” a kind offloor covering. In this paper, role of Handloom Industry, Schemes provided bythe Government to Handloom Industry, Marketing Strategies adopted by handloomindustry have been considered.