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Security and Privacy Matters of Grid Computing |

Ms. Tamara Saad Mohamed, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This paper is mentioning the privacy policy of Grid Computing used indifferent concerned sectors of system network. It provides users dynamicallyshared resources over the internet, but it is also seen that the users usuallyscared about security threats and loss of control of data and system. Gridcomputing materializes to be a promising trend for three reasons: (1) itsability to make more cost-effective use of a given amount of computerresources, (2) as a way to solve problems that can't be approached without anenormous amount of computing power, and (3) because it suggests that theresources of many computers can be cooperatively and perhaps synergisticallyharnessed and managed as a collaboration toward a common objective. In somegrid computing systems, the computers may collaborate rather than beingdirected by one managing computer. One likely area for the use of gridcomputing will be pervasivecomputing applications - those in which computers pervade ourenvironment without our necessary awareness.