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Accessing the Information Within the Cloud In Conjunction With an Auditing Mechanism |

Kashetti Vigna, Bussary Pranaya, Koppula Mounika, Karne Supriya, Chandran Madan Kumar, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cloud computing allows extremely ascendable services to be simplyconsumed over the web on Associate in Nursing as-needed basis. a significantfeature of the cloud services is that users’ information area unit typicallyprocessed remotely in unknown machines that users don't own or operate. whereasenjoying the convenience brought by this new rising technology, users’ fears oflosing management of their own information (particularly, money and healthdata) will become a major barrier to the wide adoption of cloud services. tohandle this downside, here, we tend to propose a completely unique extremelydecentralized  info answerabilityframework to stay track of the particular usage of the users’ informationwithin the cloud. Specifically, we tend to propose Associate in Nursingobject-centered approach that permits envelopment our work mechanism inconjunction with users’ information and policies. we tend to leverage the JARprogrammable capabilities to each produce a dynamic and traveling object, andto confirm that any access to users’ information can trigger authentication andautomatic work native to the JARs. To strengthen user’s management, we tend toadditionally offer distributed auditing mechanisms. We offer intensiveexperimental studies that demonstrate the potency and effectiveness of theprojected approaches.