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Effective Load Balancing Algorithm Using Ant Colony Optimization Technique |

Sai Prasanna Kodam, Divya Anusha Gandla, Anusha Janapatla, Chandu Naik Azmera, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Load balancing in the cloud computing environment has an importantimpact on the performance. Good load balancing makes cloud computing moreefficient and improves user satisfaction. This article introduces a better loadbalance model for the public cloud based on the cloud partitioning concept witha switch mechanism to choose different strategies for different situations. Thealgorithm applies the game theory to the load balancing strategy to improve theefficiency in the public cloud environment.Cloud computing is efficient andscalable but maintaining the stability of processing so many jobs in the cloudcomputing environment is a very complex problem with load balancing receivingmuch attention for researchers. Since the job arrival pattern is not predictableand the capacities of each node in the cloud differ, for load balancingproblem, workload control is. Crucial to improve system performance andmaintain stability. Load balancing schemes depending on whether the systemdynamics are important can be either static or dynamic. Static schemes do notuse the system information and are less complex while dynamic schemes willbring additional costs for the system but can change as the system statuschanges. A dynamic scheme is used here for its flexibility.