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Enhancement of Integrating Information from Different Medical Institutions |

Sravanthi Abbaraboina, Dinesh Gundu, Gopikrishna Dasary, Sudheer Rao Annam, Chandu Naik Azmera, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Cloud computing as an emerging computingmode can be applied to the District Medical Data Center. This is a new proposalraised in the paper. The rudiment of District Medical Data Center based oncloud computing is established. A comparison is made between the samples from therudiment and the samples from the general systems. XML is suitable to bothexpress the multi-element unstructured data and exchange the complex data. Thevarious standards for DMDC are established. The advanced model of DistrictMedical Data Center based on cloud computing is described. The idea is alsoshowed that the District Medical Data Center is as a service on the cloudcomputing platform. In the future, cloud computing may be better approach tothe next generation of District Medical Data Center.