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Design, Structure and Techniques: a Study on Search Engine Optimization |

Ms. Rubina Khan, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This article presents and talks about the idea of academic searchengine optimization (ASEO). Taking into account three as of late led studies,rules are given on the most proficient method to optimize scholarly writing foracademic search engines when all is said in done and for Google Scholarspecifically. Also, we quickly examine the danger of researchers' illegitimately'over-optimizing' their articles. Actualizing solid SEO tools can drastically upgrade the quality/amountof traffic to a website, and can support in dealing with all the SEOparticulars. In addition, numerous ambitious people and business managers stayinquisitive about the most recent SEO strategies. We framework the top WebAnalytics and SEO Campaign Tools, alongside the most significant SEO methodsacknowledged paramount in 2013. The key point of an organization's SEO deliberations is to buildtraffic to their digital environment. We give proposals on enhancing yourcurrent SEO process, which includes understanding a mixed bag of newtools/systems/drifts all of which are recommended. Besides, the paperincorporates a Search Engine Market Analysis, especially concentrating on thevarieties between Australia and China, and the search engine market sharearound desktops, mobiles and tablets.