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A Research on Various Strategies and Challenges of Cyber Security |

Gagandeep Singh, Dr. K. P. Yadav, Dr. Yogesh Sharma, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Airplanes were utilized militarily for the first time in theItalo-Turkish war of 1911. This was exactly eight years after the Wrightsiblings' lady airplane flight. On the other hand, the distinguishment of airspaceas a potential battlefield may be said to have happened when the first free airsummon was structured with the stronghold of the RAF towards the end of WorldWar I in 1918. The utilization of airplanes for civilian purposes precededtheir military utilization. The military utilization itself developed fromsupporting area and ocean operations to the autonomous utilization of air powerwith key shelling, an development that took around 10 years or somewhere in thevicinity. The current circumstance with respect to cyberspace is comparative.The improvement of the Internet and minimal effort wireless correspondence isthe contemporary likeness what airplanes were a hundred years prior. Theirutilization in investment, social and political transactions has expanded at arate that far surpasses the development in airplane use in the course of thelast century. These innovations recently play an essential part in militaryoperations in the conventional circles of area, ocean, air what's more thefresher one of space. There are signs that they have been utilized for forcefulpurposes by a few states. There is an alternate characteristic of cyberspacethat convolutes the outline of security structures and arrangements contrastedwith the different theaters of clash. In cyberspace it is simple for anattacker to blanket his tracks and even deceive the focus into accepting thatthe attack has hailed from someplace else. This trouble in distinguishing theculprit makes it troublesome to depend on the ability to strike back as anobstacle. Whom will you punish at the point when the culprit can't be obviouslydistinguished? Also, the expenses of mounting an attack are exceptionallyhumble. These two factors make cyberspace an perfect vehicle for states andnon-state actors who decide to seek after their war points through furtivemethods. In this circumstance viable security strategy for cyberspace obliges ahigh necessity for early warning, knowledge and preemptive protection.