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“Assessment of Anger Regulation Strategies Used By Male Taekwondo Players” |

Kashmir Singh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The present investigation examined strategies used bytaekwondo players to regulate anger for which one hundred male All IndiaInter-University Taekwondo players who participated in All IndiaInter-University Taekwondo Championship held at Pune, Jaipur, Udaipur andPatiala respectively during the year 2010-11. All participants voluntarilyparticipated in this study. The age of participants were ranged from 18 to 25years, with the mean age of 21.38 years. 29- item mood regulation questionnaireproposed by Thayer et. al., 1994 were used for the assessment of angerregulation strategies. These items include:’ Analyze the situation' (ES),'Avoid the cause' (AC), 'Call, talk to, or be with someone' (CTTBO), 'Changelocation' (CLO), 'Control thoughts' (CT), 'Drink alcohol', 'Drink coffee orother caffeinated beverage’ (DCOFF), ‘Smoke cigarettes’, ‘Use drugs’(other thanalcohol, cigarettes or coffee), 'Eat something' Engage in emotional activity'(EA), ‘Engage religious/spiritual activity’ (RA), 'Engage in a hobby' (EH),'Engage in pleasant activities' (EPA), 'Engage in self-gratification' (SGRATI),'Engage in stress management', 'Exercise', 'Go shopping', 'Listen to music'(LM), 'Put feelings in perspective' (TPF), 'Rest/ 'take a nap, sleep’ (RTNAP),‘Tend to chores’ (TC), 'Take a shower, bath, or splash water on face' (TS),‘Have sex’, 'Try to be alone' (TTBA), 'Use humor' (UH), 'Use relaxationtechniques' (URT), and 'Watch TV’ (WTV). Participants were first asked if they thought it possible to changeanger. If they believed it was possible to change anger, Participants wereasked to read the strategies, nominate strategies they use to change anger andto rate the effectiveness of the methods. An open-ended question was alsoincluded to allow participant to add any strategies not included on the list,but used by the players, to be written in the corresponding space. The findingsof present study revealed that the participants were considered 11 differentnumbers of strategies effective to regulate anger. Finally, we can concludethat the taekwondo players believed, they are able to control their anger, andgenerally have a bank of strategies that are used to overcome anger and achieveoptimum performance. Some strategies are proposed to be more popular and moreeffective than others. Coaches and players might use this information toanalyze their own pre-competition preparation routines.