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Wireless Security Threats and Risk Mitigation |

Kulbhushan Singh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Computer Security generically classifies security threats in ninecategories ranging from errors and omissions to threats to personal privacy.All of these represent potential threats in wireless networks as well. However,the more immediate concerns for wireless communications are device theft,denial of service, malicious hackers, malicious code, theft of service, andindustrial and foreign espionage. Theft is likely to occur with wirelessdevices because of their portability. Authorized and unauthorized users of thesystem may commit fraud and theft; however, authorized users are more likely tocarry out such acts. Since users of a system may know what resources a systemhas and the system’s security flaws, it is easier for them to commit fraud andtheft. Malicious hackers, sometimes called crackers, are individuals who breakinto a system without authorization, usually for personal gain or to do harm.Malicious hackers are generally individuals from outside of an agency ororganization (although users within an agency or organization can be a threatas well). Such hackers may gain access to the wireless network access point byeavesdropping on wireless device communications. Malicious code involvesviruses, worms, Trojan horses, logic bombs, or other unwanted software that isdesigned to damage files or bring down a system. Theft of service occurs whenan unauthorized user gains access to the network and consumes networkresources.