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Oai-Pmh Compliance of Indian Institutional Repositories |

K. P. Saxena, Dr. Rochana Srivastava, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Meta-dataHarvesting (OAI-PMH) is one of the key considerations while implementingrepositories. It is a HTTP based protocol developed by Open Archive Initiative(OAI) with the objective to achieve interoperability between repositories. Theprotocol allows service providers or metadata harvesting services to seamlesslyharvest metadata exposed by the repositories or data providers. A study ofselected functional Institutional Repositories archiving their Institutionalresearch output was conducted to test the compliance of repositories toOAI-PMH. The repositories’ base URLs were tested to find out the compliance. Itwas found that being a crucial component majority of repositories (77.55%)complied to test. Metadata of repositories not fully complying to theconformance standards set by OAI and other harvesting services like OAIster,BASE and CASSIR cannot be harvested. This affects the access and visibility ofrepositories as well as metadata archived. The Registration of repositorieswith OAI and other service providers will ensure OAI-PMH compliance andaccessibility of repositories.