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The Effects of Satisfactory Motivation on Employees Productivity In an Organization |

Jai Bhagwan Singh Hooda, Dr. S. N. Ghosh, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The motivation behind this thesis is to look at the ramifications ofadequate motivation on workers’ productivity in an association particularly inthe Indian workplace and the issues included in the planning and pushing ofsuch programs. The study has given the calculated skeleton whereupon motivationalprograms in workplace are based and in addition the sort of exercises andability that are included. The center is on such projects that will helpworkers bargain with particular issues that may influence their productivity.Taking into account the information gathered, different interviews and inconjunctions with the investigation, the result showed that the workers weredecidedly influenced to higher productivity with the procurement of generaladvancement, confirmation of adequate job security and reward for phenomenalexecution. By the by fiscal motivating forces and prizes don't push strongerimpact on workers than any type of motivational component. The appearing misfortune of a standout amongst the most cherished andbegrudged hallmarks of the association job security and the vulnerabilitiesabout wages and pay rates would seem to have incredibly influenced the workersmorale. Under such a condition, workers can't give their best and expectedreturn or output from the job. The management would now need to make a pressingmove to research the issue if the specialist is to attain her expressed goalswith higher productivity.