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Investigation of Physiochemical Contamination of Groundwater In and Around Bhopal City With Special Reference to Assess the Impact of Landfill Site on Water Quality |

Dr. Manisha Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Solid waste generation has become an increasingenvironmental and public health problem all over the India. Landfills site isidentified as one of the major source of polluting the groundwater resources.The study examined groundwater contamination in and around municipal landfillsite in Bhanpura, Bhopal. Groundwater samples were collected from 24 samplingstations in and around the landfill and were analyzed in laboratory, stored at40C and analyzed the same day. The result showed that theconcentration of physio-chemical properties of water is higher around thelandfill site are compare with other stations in Bhopal city.