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A Comparative Study on Challenges and Strategies of Antibiotic Resistance: the Requirement For World Wide Solutions |

Anita Rawat, Dr. Laxmi Chand, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Thecauses of antibiotic resistance are complex and include human behaviour at manylevels of society; the consequences affect everybody in the world. Similaritieswith climate change are evident. Many efforts have been made to describe themany different facets of antibiotic resistance and the interventions needed tomeet the challenge. However, coordinated action is largely absent, especiallyat the political level, both nationally and internationally. Antibiotics pavedthe way for unprecedented medical and societal developments, and are today indispensablein all health systems. Achievements in modern medicine, such as major surgery,organ transplantation, treatment of preterm babies, and cancer chemotherapy,which we today take for granted, would not be possible without access toeffective treatment for bacterial infections. Within just a few years, we mightbe faced with dire setbacks, medically, socially, and economically, unless realand unprecedented global coordinated actions are immediately taken. Here, wedescribe the global situation of antibiotic resistance, its major causes andconsequences, and identify key areas in which action is urgently needed.