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A Empirical Research Upon the Fundamental Concepts of Electrical Power Distribution |

Prof. Bikash Chandra Saha, Prof. Ravi Shankar Pandey, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Many new primary energy sources in distributed generationsystems are interfaced with the electric grid through power electronicinverters. If several of these are present in proximity of each other,interactions between them could arise. Thesis presents a study of the interactionbetween hysteresis controlled voltage source inverters connected to the samepower network. The coupling between the inverters results in an interdependenceof their switchings. It is shown that this interdependence is not detrimental,and a reduction of the ripple in the resulting current supplied to the networkas compared to the single inverter case is obtained. The effects of variousparameters of the inverters are analyzed. A set of three scenarios has been created in order toexamine the incorporation of extensive penetrations of micro-generators intoelectricity networks (termed ‘highly distributed power systems’). The scenarioshave been created as a synthesis of the Future Network Technologies scenariosand the UK domestic carbon model, and yields energy use and carbon dioxideemissions of the UK housing stock from inputs of household numbers, house type,thermal efficiency, appliance efficiency, as well as the number and efficiencyof micro-generators used. The centralized supply mix also varies between scenariosand features extensive penetrations of large-scale renewables. This paperprovides an overview of electrical distribution network and systems. The primary substation is the load center taking power from the transmission or subtransmission network and distributes electricity to customers via thedistribution network consisting of cables. OHL and customer substations.Various power system components, like Circuit breaker. OHL. cables, andsecondary equipment like protection relay, distribution automation arepresented. The distribution system from planning, design, implementation,operation and maintenance is also described. The performance features of thedistribution systems in terms of a number of measurable indices are highlighted.