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Stability Modelling and Research Strategies of Power Systems |

Farah Diba, Lokesh Kumar, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


In recent year, electric power demand has increased drasticallydue to superiority of electric energy to all other forms of energy and theexpansion of power generation and transmission has been severely limited sequelto limited resources, environmental restrictions and lack of privatization ascan be found in the developing countries. After nearly four decades of research in power systemstability via Lyapunov or energy functions, the method is now on the verge ofbeing implemented for assessment of on-line dynamic security. The mainbottleneck has been in the proper characterization of the stability boundaryand defining the fault-dependent region of attraction locally around thecontrolling unstable equilibrium points. Now there is a better understanding ofthis issue and, hence, a number of algorithms have been proposed. Improvedgenerating unit models and transmission network models are now being includedin the technique.