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“An Analysis on Theoretical and Methodological Problems For Establishing Multilevel Systems: a Case Study of Organizational Behaviour” |

Shelly Pandya, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The present study has two goals. Initially, generalissues for creating and testing culturally diverse multi-level models, forexample, variable recognizable proof, estimation, examining and data dissectionare talked about. A second point is to represent some of these issues bycreating a multi-level skeleton fusing variables at an individual,organizational and national level. The objective is to clarify multifacetedcontrasts in additional part behavior. Taking into account a survey of pastmulti-level research and multifaceted examination it is suggested that theimpact of national society on work disposition and behavior is interceded byorganizational practices. The skeleton is planned utilizing late proposals forthe improvement of multi-level models.