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Conventional Satvik Yoga Food and Nutritional Diet In Ayurveda |

Jayalakshmi H. K., in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


There has been an increased awareness andinterest in health and natural remedies among the general public as well asscientific community. The scientific – spiritual discipline of yoga is aneffective and time-tested method for improving our health as well as preventionand management of diseases, especially chronic psychosomatic disorders. The modern medicine is materialistic andconcerned primarily with our body. Drugs are the cornerstone of its management.In contrast, yoga is a holistic system for the integrated development of ourphysical, mental as well as spiritual aspects. Practice of yoga disciplines,strengthens, quietens and relaxes our body and mind. For prevention as well asmanagement of stress and stress disorders and for achieving psychosomaticrelaxation, there is no system as effective and far reaching as yoga. Incontrast to negative side effects of drugs, yoga has positive, beneficial “sideeffects” in terms of improvement of our psychosomatic health.