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Effect of Six Week Practicing With Three Methods of Catching on Agility of Cricketers |

Abhishek Singh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The purpose of thestudy was to see the effects of 6 weeks practicing with three methods ofcatching on agility ofcricketers.40 male students on the basis of random sampling technique of age 18to 24 years were selected as a subject from cricket match practice group ofLNIPE, Gwalior. The agility measured by AAHPERD agility test. The three methodsof catching practice are practicing with Swiss ball, practicing with crazy balland practicing with throwing on cemented surface. To see the effects of 6 weekspracticing with three methods of catching on agility , the pre- test and post-testmeans of each group and a control group a ‘ t-test’ was employed and found thatthe subject were changed with Swiss ball, cement surface, crazy ball, theagility of the subject improved significantly as obtained ‘t’value(3.35,3.02,3.58) was significant for Swiss ball , cement surface and crazyball respectively as the obtained ‘t’ value were greater than the table ‘t’value of (2.260 with 9df). Results indicated that there is a significant effectof practicing with three methods of catching on agility of cricketers.