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Virtual Library: a Revolution In Information Technology Era |

Kuljeet Kaur, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Libraries provided services to their users from the traditionaltime, but now new web generation biased towards internet and web technologies.So to reach their users or patrons libraries need to extend the range of theirresources and services and try to satisfy their needs at their comfort placeand in their convenient form. Virtual library is also comes under thatparticular reformation of libraries. In 1983 F. W. Lancaster talked about the‘paperless society’ and that dream is now comes true at present virtualenvironment, where all information or resources available in electronic formand users can access those resources from anywhere with internet access. It isso important for library and information science professionals to work invirtual environment and adopt all new technologies to keep their identity innew web world. Virtual libraries are new vision of libraries for new webgeneration that connects lots of peoples with vast collection of resourceswhere they can reach their desired information as soon as possible. It alsoprovides many web services to assist their users. This paper provides anoverview of Virtual library, its definitions, features, demerits, functions andtheir development.