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An Evaluation on Numerous Applications of Linear Differential Operators |

Abid Mushtaq, Dr. R. S. Singh, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


At the Edinburgh congress 12 years ago Gârding gave ageneral survey of the theory of linear partial differential operators. I shalltake his lecture as my starting point and try to give some idea of the laterdevelopment. Naturally it is necessary to concentrate on a few topics andignore others which are as interesting. I shall not try to list the omissionsbut wish to specify the limitation to questions concerning the existence andstructure of solutions of differential equations with constant, C¥or analytic coefficients. In this paper we will begin to take a more sophisticatedapproach to differential equations. We will define, with some care, the notionof a linear differential operator, and explore the analogy between suchoperators and matrices.