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“Comparative Analysis of Unforced and Forced Errors Among Winner and Looser Female Volleyball Players of National Level of India” |

Dr. Rajender Singh, Dr. Avishesh Kumar Singh, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


The main purpose of the study was to compare unforced andforced error among winners and losers volleyball women players of nationallevel  . The subject for the study  were the finalist team playing for the finalmatch of 61st senior volleyball national women championship. The two finalistteam in the women section were Indian railway and kerala . Tthe final matchrecorded with the help of high speed video cameras. Chi square test was usedfor comparing of the significance  of thedifferences in unforce and force error between winners and looser volleyballteam in the women section .Chi square test for goodness of fit relation inforced error and unforced error between winners and loser team for the allthree sets combined together was used . The result of the study revealed thatthere are no significant differences which exist in committing forced andunforced error by the winner and looser team at the national level in India.