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“Performance Association of Private Sector Banks With the Public Sector Banks In Odisha, India” |

S. Naveen Prasath, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The service qualityhas become a extremely instrumental co-efficient in the aggressive competitivemarketing. For success and survival in today’s competitive environment,delivering quality service is of paramount significance for any economicenterprise. Life Insurance Corporation of India, the leading insurance companyhas set up ‘benchmarks’ in enervating the whole concept of service quality. Recentlythe Indian economy has witnessed the appearance of many banks in the privatesector. There are several reasons at the back the increasing number ofcommercialization of banks in Odisha. The growth of such banks is not possibleunless they witness some success in the context of customer satisfaction or mayit be the net assets held by these banks, efficiency of their management or thenetworks of each bank both in private as well as the public sector bank. Thepaper covers the performance comparison of private sector banks and the publicsector banks and to give the reasons and suggestions for the same.