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An Analysis on the Impression of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction In Retailing |

Ganesha Hr, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


The performance of the retailing sector for the past few years isoutstanding and witnesses a huge revamping exercise, significantly contributedby the growth of the organized retailing. Rapid urbanization, exposure to largenumber of foreign brands and changing lifestyle and preferences has contributedto the growth of retailing in India. The quality of service that has beenperceived by the customers irrespective of the brand or make is what ultimatelyresults in a customer walking back to the store once again. The articleprovides insights into the service quality prevalent in the retail stores as perceivedby the customers and how some of the factors are related with that of the socioeconomic factor. For the purpose of study a sample of 170 was chosen on thebasis of convenience at leading retail stores in Chennai. A questionnaire onfive scale rating was administered to collect the data by way of personalinterview. For the purpose of analysis and drawing inferences the statisticaltools used are Cronbanch Alpha, percentage analysis, Factor analysis, ANOVA,intercorrelation and regression. The current studyinvestigated the relationship between service quality and customer loyaltyacross three emerging countries. The quantitative research data was collectedthrough a survey of current customers of the specific retail sector, thehousehold retail chain in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Data obtained from 370survey questionnaires was analyzed using SPSS; the Principal Component Analysisand Linear Regression statistical methods were applied. The study findingsindicate that the dimensions of retail service quality in a specific sector ofthe industry are different in emerging markets compared to those that are inthe original measurement scale such as RSQS. The research methodology was carried out in a survey cross sectionalapplied to 369 respondents. The data obtained was analyzed by using reliabilitymethod, correlation and regression. Result of research showed that servicesoffered by retail units have positive impact and are significant in buildingcustomer satisfaction. Findings of this empirical research reiterate the pointof view that Service Quality dimensions are crucial for customer satisfactionin retailing – a burgeoning sector with high growth potential and opportunitiesin fast growing economies like India’s. This present studymainly focused on service quality measurement in departmental retail stores. Adepartment store is retail concerns which focus in fulfilling an extensiverange of the individual and housing durable goods, product needs; and offeringthe shopper a choice multiple products lines, at different price, in allproduct groups. Based on the literature studies, limited service qualitymeasurement studies with regards to departmental stories available in India.