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Decolorization of Rhodamine B By an Advanced Oxidation Process |

Hiral Mathe, Mumtaj Shah, Prasant Shrivastava, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Advanced oxidationprocess like; electro-fenton are promising technology for the treatment ofwastewaters containing non-easily removable organic compounds. Rhoda mine B isa dye possess high toxicity and low degradability. The present studyinvestigates the utility of electro-fenton process is one of the AOP Processfor the degradation of Rhoda mine B from aqueous solution by the electrooxidation.  Decolourization experimentswere carried out under batch conditions with stainless steel as cathodes andRuO2 coated titanium expanded mesh as anodes. Electrolysis wascarried out with various current densities and flow rate using mediated electrochemical oxidation process with fenton mediator (Fe2+ / Fe3++H2O2). Extent of decolourization was studied as afunction of applied current, electrolysis time and concentration of ferrousion. Remaining concentration of Rhoda mine B was found by spectrophotometry.The electrolysis was carried at optimised conditions to achieve efficiencieshigher than 85%.