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“How Hris Can Better Facilitate Hr Operation In Corporate Sector” |

Pradeep, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This paper evaluates the impact of the HRIS system on HR functions,time management, cost management, managerial satisfaction and organizationalefficiency. We also discussed the relationship between Human ResourceInformation System (HRIS) functions and Human Resource Management (HRM)functionalities. The contributing role of HRIS is measured by the complianceand application level of HRIS functions to HR functionalities. Managers have a fairly positive view of the impact of the HRIS onorganizational effectiveness with the greatest degree of confidence beingplaced on the impact of HRIS on time management and on HR functions. Theresults confirm that a well implemented and managed HRIS enables readilyavailable information to be translated into more information sharing, greaterknowledge transfer and management.