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An Analysis on Various Resources of Renewable Energy | Original Article

Ms. Aseem Sharma*, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


The potential of renewable energy sources is enormous asthey can in principle meet many times the world’s energy demand. Renewableenergy sources such as biomass, wind, solar, hydropower, and geothermal canprovide sustainable energy services, based on the use of routinely available,indigenous resources. A transition to renewables-based energy systems islooking increasingly likely as their costs decline while the price of oil andgas continue to fluctuate. It is becoming clear that future growth in theenergy sector will be primarily in the new regime of renewable energy, and tosome extent natural gas-based systems, not in conventional oil and coal sources.The development and use of renewable energy sources can enhance diversity inenergy supply markets, contribute to securing long term sustainable energysupplies, help reduce local and global atmospheric emissions, and providecommercially attractive options to meet specific energy service needs,particularly in developing countries and rural areas helping to create newemployment opportunities there.