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Magnificence of Cognitive Ontology For Semantic Information Recovery |

Suman Choudhary, Dr. Vijay Prakash Agarwal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Information is Knowledge: Knowledge is Wealth .Thecombinations of concept with its associative relation, in a quantitative senseis said to be valid information. Relevant information retrieval throughcognitive process is our main objective of this paper. The specification ofConcept with its relation in an organized way is said to be ontology. Here weuse Cognition based ontology for information retrieval which can be implementedin a semantic based information retrieval system. The main contribution of this paper has been organized inthree phase. One is the creation of domain ontology where, here we are usingevent based sports ontology. The second phase is the conversion of HTML pagesthrough a designed Web Crawler to an entity based XML page and the third phaseis the mapping of the entity XML to sports domain ontology. This domainontology can be used for the refined Semantic information retrieval system.