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Study of Physical Fitness and Psychological Variables of Judoka's at Different Levels of Participation |

Dalvir Singh Yadav, Dr. Pankaj, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Physical fitness is the nucleus of sports. Physicalfitness of a player is affected by age, sex, diet and environment. Properco-ordination of these factors can lead a player to the peak performance. Incombative games like judo, wrestling, Judo etc. physical fitness plays animportant role. Its component i.e. speed is the most important. A Judokas hasto do punching and footwork with high speed. For this purpose physical fitnessis most essential. Because Judo is a combative game, in this game to dominantthe opponent and to protect himself physical fitness is essential. To workagainst resistance and to impress the opponent for maximum time, a player needshigh level of endurance in Judo. For quick and affective movements agility andflexibility plays an important role. In nutshell we can say that physicalfitness and its components plays an important role in Judo. Physical fitnessdiffers from game to game, a gymnaster requires much less than those sportsmenwho is participating in competitive sports like Judo, judo, football playersrequire much greater strength, endurance, speed and suppleness to give betterperformance in these activities.