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“Evaluation of Multimedia Authoring Platform Attributes” |

Mr. Prakash Kumar Kumar U, Dr. Vijay Prakash Agrawal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Multimedia authoring plays a major role in developingmultimedia applications. Recent trends, innovation in software compelled themultimedia developer to re-look into the development phenomenon. Technologyinnovations triggered multimedia to spread its horizons beyond theboundaries.  Once limited forpresentations only, today multimedia is a part of technology in each and everyinformation transformation process. Multimedia authoring framework is in use,ever since the time various multimedia components are integrated and used as apart of the contents of the computer system whether it is designed for learningor for designed for games. Compare to multimedia application software,multimedia authoring systems have better capability to build the content,develop and integration of multimedia components and systems. This paperidentifies and evaluates various attributes of multimedia authoring platformwith comparison to other application development environment.