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“Web Multimedia Data Search Optimization Using Fibonacci-Tree Method” |

Mr. Prakash Kumar Kumar U, Dr. Vijay Prakash Agrawal, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


Web multimediaconsists of vide varieties of different object data types, characteristics andattributes. Multimedia content optimization is one of the important ongoingresearch areas in the field of computer vision and multimedia. Multimediacontent search optimization on the web need to be started by defining methodfor multimedia object differentiation and then identifying right approach forsearch optimization. The proposed research experiment presents an algorithm forachieving better and faster search optimization, which subsequentlysuperimposed on any of huge multimedia content management system or on the web.Multimedia object differentiation, search and retrieval algorithm foroptimization is derived based on mathematical modeling approach and theoutcomes can be mapped onto any vast integrated multimedia contents.