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A Study on the Persuassion of Electronic Media on Library and Information Centers : an Indian Perspective |

Monika, Dr. Krishan Gopal, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Electronic Media has become an important mode for the development.Information technology has impaction all types of printed materials to produceanother form called electronic form. A questionnaire based survey was carriedout on library workers and information .centres. Exploratory factor analysisthat the data has to processed and analysed in according with the outline laiddown for the purpose at the time of developing the research plan. The articleconcludes that Electronic Media on library & Information centres are becameHi-tech. In recent times, manydevelopments have taken place in the library management field in the country.Quite a number of libraries started using the new technologies. Use ofcomputers in housekeeping operations has been on the increase. So it is accessto databases through local, regional or national networks and the transmissionof important and urgent documents through tele facsimile or e-mail. Libraryautomation has been initiated by many libraries which have started developingbibliographic databases of their holdings. Many metropolitan and/or other bigcity libraries initiated to use the electronic networks; a couple of themstarted functioning and are providing various services through these networks.Recently a study was undertaken to for finding the use of InformationTechnology infrastructure and assessing the extent of use of electronic mediain libraries in India. The main objectives of the study were to know thetraining and reorientation needs of library staff to cope up with the newtechnologies and e-media, and problems, if any, faced in adopting them, To knowif the libraries are aware of copyright and licensing policies / regimes, andTo suggest ways and means to improve the situation, if warranted.