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Physical Fitness Group of Students In Relation to Academic Achievement & Level of Different Adjustments |

Shyam Sunder Suri, in International Journal of Physical Education & Sports Sciences | Physical Education, Health, Fitness & Sports


Physical education starts from very birth of a child. Thevery moment it comes into being, it begins to cry and move its limbs. Thus itis necessary for its very survival. The parents are its first physicalinstructors. It is they who instruct it how to work, run, jump or leap.Physical education is an integral part of general education and it’s essentialfor human beings. It is not merely physical activities but it is the educationof the body through the body. The role of education is very much important inthe society of human beings in its varied dimensions to the life. The educationhas different aspects to carry with the educational schedule. The developmentand maintenance of various allied aspects to the education may prove very muchimportant because they have their own purpose and identity to the concept ofoverall development of a child.