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A Comparative Analysis on the Institutional Marketing Exposure of Corporate Social Responsibility |

Surendra Kumar Mahapatra, in Journal of Advances and Scholarly Researches in Allied Education | Multidisciplinary Academic Research


The level of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)reporting has developed altogether in the recent decades. Endeavors toanticipate the future development of CSR reporting oblige an understanding ofthe impact external institutions have in the development process. The reasonfor this article is to recognize the present and potential parts differentinstitutions play in the promotion and dissemination of CRS reporting. The essential tenets of Institutional Theory are utilizedas a part of recognizing the parts different institutions play in thisprocedure. The chose institutions incorporate governments, CSR reportingorganizations, and accounting standards boards. These chose institutions areexamined to increase an understanding of what part they as of now play in thepromotion and dissemination of CSR reporting, and to decide how that part isliable to proceed. The institutions are additionally broke down to focus thepart they have played in the promotion of financial reporting to figure outwhether that part can be reflected to that of CSR reporting. Meetings withdelegates of chose institutions are utilized for extra backing. Taking everything into account, the majority of the choseinstitutions as of now assume a part in advancing CSR reporting in differingdegrees. Noteworthy contrasts between CSR reporting and financial reportingwere distinguished which exhibit that further development and improvement ofCSR reporting standards won't likely be indistinguishable to that of financialreporting; then again, there are similitudes in the institutional partdifferent organizations can have in advancing CSR reporting standards.Assuredly this article starts a skeleton for the proceeded with promotion anddissemination of CSR reporting.