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An Analysis on Various Mechanism of Natural Convection: a Case Study of Heat Transfer |

Mr. Bagi, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


Natural convection heat transfer in a somewhat parceledfenced in area has been researched experimentally utilizing Mach-ZehnderInterferometry strategy. The top and lowest part of the fenced in area areprotected while one of the vertical dividers is heated isothermally. Theparcels are made of wood fiber and are connected to the heated divider withpoints transforming from 300 to 1500 in diverseexperiments. The length of each one segment is equivalent to the width of thenook, subsequently separating the fenced in area to segregated cells just at 900. The thermal control in many systems is widelyaccomplished applying natural convection process due to its low cost,reliability and easy maintenance. Typical applications include the heatexchangers, cooling of electronic equipment and nuclear reactors, solarchimneys and Trombe walls in building industry, etc. Natural convection is observed when density gradients arepresent in a fluid acted upon by a gravitational field. Our example of thisphenomenon is the heated vertical plate exposed to air, which, far from theplate, is motionless.