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A Study on the Fundamental Theoretical Aspects of Semiconductor Electrochemistry |

K. R. Jadhav, in Journal of Advances in Science and Technology | Science & Technology


This paper begins with a brief overview of aspects ofsemiconductor electrochemistry. The basic principles of semiconductor/electrolytejunctions are then outlined along with their application in different photoelectrochemical devices, including solar cells. The special properties ofnanostructured semiconductor electrolyte systems are contrasted with those ofbulk analogues, and applications of mesoporous semiconductor films indye-sensitized solar cells and water splitting systems are described. The studyconcludes with a short survey of a range of experimental methods used insemiconductor electrochemistry. In the present document energy levels in the bulk of thesolid and the electrolyte including their interface are introduced and kineticparameters defined. In addition a terminology on photo electrochemical cells isrecommended. In the latter case, it is distinguished between two modes ofoperation in these cells, i.e. photovoltaic cells in which radiant energy isconverted into electrical energy and photo electrolysis cells in which radiantchemistry causes a net chemical conversion.