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Relationship Between Operating Profit Margin and Asset Turnover of Indian Manufacturing Companies of India |

Shreekara K., in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


This paper is based on the relationshipbetween operating profit margin and asset turnover of Indian manufacturingcompanies of India. Operating profit is also known as EBIT and isfound on the company's income statement. EBIT is earnings before interest andtaxes. The operating profit margin looks at EBIT as a percentage of sales. Theoperating profit margin ratio is a measure of overall operating efficiency,incorporating all of the expenses of ordinary, daily business activity. Asset management (turnover) ratios comparethe assets of a company to its sales revenue. Asset management ratiosindicate how successfully a company is utilizing its assets to generaterevenues. Analysis of asset management ratios tells how efficiently andeffectively a company is using its assets in the generation of revenues. Theyindicate the ability of a company to translate its assets into the sales.