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An Analysis on Employee Training and Development Relationship and Technique: a Strategic Hrm Function |

Dr. Mohammed Shafiuddin, Dr. Khamis Said Al-Muniri, in International Journal of Information Technology and Management | IT & Management


In this context, humanresources are the most important asset of statistical offices. Appropriate andskilled human resources are essential to ensure the production of high qualitystatistics and to implement more efficient and effective production processesbased on new technologies. Proactive human resources management is essential toachieve the abovementioned change and to allow statistical offices to meet thechallenges today and in future. This paper highlightinggood practices in human resources management Training and development instatistical offices. The papers cover a range of issues from recruitment andretaining of qualified staff and setting up training programmes, to competence mappingand management development. These papers have been presented at seminars andworkshops on human resources management and training. The purpose of the studywas to investigate the relationship between Training and Development (T&D)as a Human Resource Practice and the organizational performance (OP) of theKenyan state corporations. The study hypothesized that; there was a positiverelationship between T&D and OP and therefore the need to investigate howspecific the two variables relate.